Friday, May 2, 2014

Paleo dessert recipes

Dessert and a regular meal are simply inseparable. But dessert is bound to increase weight and cause obesity. Therefore we bring to you a simple solution. Eat Paleo! Yes paleo diet helps you in controlling weight and so do paleo desserts. So we have compiled a list of FOUR paleo dessert recipes you wouldn’t want to miss.
1.    The first on our list of paleo dessert recipes is Ginger Brownies. Ginger Brownies are not only tasty as yummy but also good for your protruding tummy. So here is how you go about preparing it.
Firstly you need to preheat your oven to about a temperature of 350F. Next in a baking pan you will need to oil it using your coconut oil. In the meanwhile pour warm honey on the saucepan and heat it for sometime. Make sure you heat it in simmer. Next you will have to combine the flour, cocoa, salt (as per taste) and all the spices that you normally add together.
Pre final step is to mix the warm honey with eggs, vanilla extracts and some ginger. While doing so you should gradually add flour to the bowl. After adding all the flour blend it well.
Finally you need to transfer the mixture to the baking pan and bake for around half an hour. You can keep checking in between using your knife. Try to cut the brownies from the middle and if it comes out well then you have successfully baked it.
Hurray! You now have successfully learnt one of the delicious mouth watering paleo dessert recipes.
2.    Paleo Ice cream:   The second on our list of paleo dessert recipes is the paleo ice cream. Yes who would have thought Palaeolithic humans in those times craved for ice creams? But then an ice cream can make anyone crave and scream. So let’s get you started with your home made paleo ice cream. You need one ice cream maker and just 3 ingredients. The ingredients are as followed:
·         1 Can of Coconut milk ( It should approximately be 450 ml)
·         Raw honey will do wonders and even better is a quarter cup of coconut sap.
·         Last but not the least any ice cream ingredient you had like (Well we prefer these 3 for sure cocoa powder, frozen fruits and nuts)
Once you have all this, all you need then is your ice cream maker. Place everything in the ice cream maker after blending them thoroughly. Now you have to roughly wait for around half an hour.
30 minutes over! Good news get your cone cups because the yummy ice cream prepared from our paleo dessert recipes guide is totally ready.

One of the greatest benefits of paleo desserts is that it doesn’t put on weight. So you can enjoy all the sumptuous desserts with your family and yet stay fit and healthy. You can try several paleo dessert recipes from this guide and let us know how it came out for you. You can also try out few modifications here and there and have a great time experimenting with your paleo cooking skills. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Paleo breakfast

It is rightly said that a healthy breakfast is necessary for a good day. And there is nothing more healthy and nutritious than a palette of Paleo breakfast. The concept of such a breakfast dates back to centuries. Back in the days and we mean really really back in the days, when Palaeolithic humans existed they introduced to the world the concept of a non agricultural diet. The paleo diet simply consisted of almost everything that had nothing to do with agriculturally grown products such as the grains, refined salt, processed oils, legumes, dairy products etc.
The Paleo breakfast to this day remains a bit of controversy. The reason is that the Paleo diet followers and preachers have regarded agricultural products as disease laden. Their belief is that even without eating agricultural products they can easily mimic the benefits by just consuming Paleo diet. Well the topic is still a hotly debated between nutritionists, anthropologists, doctors, scientists and dietitians.

Paleo breakfast is however a hale and hearty way of living. It consists of all those nutrients that are required by the human body and it keeps you fit and healthy. The concept of Paleo diet emerges from the fact that it is low in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. It is also low in Trans fats, which is a by-product of hydrogenation of oils. All these are considered to be extremely unhealthy and can cause sever heart and cholesterol problems. Paleo breakfast consists of pasture fed meat and therefore it is high in Omega 3 content. Omega 3 is considered to be an elixir for high cholesterol patients.

When we talk about the energy density and the micronutrients density, the Paleo diet is moderately rich in both. This makes Paleo diet a preferred choice not only in breakfast but also for meals throughout the day. Due to moderate presence of energy or calories in Paleo breakfast, the person feels satiated throughout the day. This is especially beneficial to those who are obese or are overweight and are looking to some flab. Even dieticians have agreed with Paleo diet expert that having an early morning Paleo diet is a quick yet healthy way of loosing weight. When we talk about the more important aspect of diet that is the micronutrient content, we find that the diet is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. The presence of sea food in the diet adds extra amount of selenium, iron, copper and other essential nutrients. However the only drawback in a Paleobreakfast is that it falls short of Vitamin D and calcium. Since it excludes any dairy product from the menu, the intake of calcium reduces. This may lead to weak bones and arthritis. However this can be overcome if calcium and vitamin D supplements are taken.

With this we really hope you would have a fair idea about the nutritional value of the Paleo breakfast. Various recipes and cookbooks are available to help you cook a perfect paleo dish.  With this article we hope you can make an informed decision on the course of your diet and can stay fit, fine and healthy for a long time.